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Aug. 18th, 2009 | 06:22 pm

I don't suspect anyone's reading my old entries. I hope they aren't, because when I read them I want to punch myself in the face. Or throw myself off a bridge. Or maybe both of those things, though I'm not sure in which order. Probably there would have to be more than one punch involved. At least one before hurling myself off the bridge to dull my senses, and then probably some more on the way down, just to get all the extra rage out before hitting whatever's below me. That's my version of catharsis.

What was I talking about? Right. My posts are garbage. So garbage that they make me want to inflict the aforementioned violence upon myself.

And if these poorly written, excessively whiny entries are able to induce that kind of fury in me, I can't imagine what they must do to anyone who doesn't have the absolute privilege of possessing the mind that formed them.

For this (and other) reason(s), I've set all of my entries to private. Which is the next best thing to my brutal version of catharsis and what I'll have to settle for since, after all, I'm quite averse to pain -- and I'm not a great fan of death either.

I reckon I won't be postin' round these parts again.


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